A few comments from happy customers along with a handful of press cuttings


“This man is on the cutting edge. The Aston Martin of the cutting world!”

Xanthe Clay


“In a Chef’s life you meet a lot of great suppliers and artisans, when I met Ben I knew instantly he was someone I needed to work with. He has produced me something I’ve wanted for several years… our own British knife, made in Britain, by a young English craftsman!”

Sat Baines

Restaurant Sat Bains with Rooms

October 2014 saw another year of the famous Observer Food Monthly Awards. It also saw the first year Blok Knives made the trophies which were presented to the winners.

We have been making them ever since…

“I love my knife: It’s not French and overweighted with another nation’s culinary history; it’s not German and rationally machined to perfection; it’s not Japanese and imbued with the soul of the knife-master. Thanks to Edmonds and his love for our traditions, it’s as British as a Rolls Royce.”

Tim Haywood

financial times

We recently took part in filming for a popular BBC Country show. Details of this show and air play time will be available in the next few weeks.